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. The Island:
Phu Quoc, Vietnam's largest island is situated in the gulf of Thailand. The drop-shaped island is 48 km in length, and from 3 to 28 km breadthwise. All in all it has 1.320 km² and about 70.000 inhabitants are living on it.
Compared to other islands, Phu Quoc has a very good infrastructure, like for example: .
  ein Sonnenuntergang auf der Insel .
. an airport,  several  harbours,  wide  roads,
money-exchange, atm, hospital, post-office, police-station and a beautiful market. . .
Sightseeing's and activities:
River cruising, visiting fish-sauce factories and pepper plantations, jungle-trekking to the waterfall, boat trips to an thoi islands with snorkelling and fishing, enjoying the countless lonely beaches, marvelling the .

local products at the market, try to find the whale museum. There are three diving-bases on Phu Quoc ( have a look to the link page ). They are located 1 kilometre down south of Duong Dong.